About us

Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks is the largest provider of agricultural services in the Baltic countries.

About us

Our priority is finding the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions to meet customer expectations and needs. Our strength is the team of highly qualified and motivated professionals ensuring the continued provision of high-quality services. Our willingness is to support the undertakings of the Baltic States and Europe engaged in agricultural activities with the purpose of establishing a long term cooperation.

We are one of the leading providers of agricultural services in the Baltic States and European Union. Leader in the transportation of grain in Latvian market, trader of organic fertilizers and manufacturer of foodstuffs and animal feed - certified multi-sector undertaking. It has been successfully working for more than 25 years in the area of transport and logistics and farm services.

In provision of our professional services, we consider it as our priority putting our customer first and taking its needs into account. We are striving to establish an individual approach and good working relationship with each customer, finding a viable solution on a case-by-case basis.This helps our clients remain successful and competitive in their respective sectors. We work precisely and impeccably, observing all deadlines and ensuring high level of services and product quality.

Our company is aware that one of the keys to success is is a highly experienced and qualified staff, at all times capable of handling even the most sensitive, complex and unusual issues that might arise in client management, while doing it thoroughly, supporting the Company’s commitment to the principles of responsible business practice. Our team is constantly seeking solutions to new challenges brought by our customers, thereby justifying the company's motto: Wherever there is need, we are lending help!

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Establishment of agricultural service provider company was a cherished dream of the Riepšs family. Founder of the company Konstantins Riepšs has always believed that the agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors for the country's development. Within the process of establishing a new country when Latvia regained its independence that was characterized by a majority of completely devastated, demoralized collective farms and production facilities, it was especially important. It was the time when food shortage was acutely felt in Latvia and farm ownership was in the hands of small farmers. Understanding the situation of cereal producers lacking possibilities to process their cereal grown, Konstantīns Riepšs created a mill.

In the search for an ideal place to implement his cherished dream an old feed mill building located at the former collective farm was discovered, alas completely destroyed and shattered. However, the structure itself was suitable, and soon after Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks was setting up a business there. Since 1996, in Nīca municipality, Otaņķi parish was built and started working flour mill, which began processing into flour of groats and barley grains grown by the local farmers.

In a few years, the economic situation in the country was swiftly changing: the number of farms has dropped significantly, whereas small agricultural farms were overbought, establishing larger farms. As time passed, buying habits changed along: local products of the region began to lose their relevance, while increased demand for imported goods and finished products sold over the counter. Therefore, the need for services provided by the mill has rapidly declined.

Adapting to changes in demand, Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks company began to buy grain, process it and deliver the flour to bakeries. Quite naturally, it became necessary to purchase a truck to deliver the goods. The car was purchased, in addition, compared with other trucks, left over from the Soviet Union, a vehicle owned by Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks was brand new.

Despite the fact that the truck was initially purchased for delivery of products of Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks, it drove to the bakery, carrying only a few batches of flour. Instead of having to perform initial goals, the car was instantly diverted into transporting products of the Liepaja sugar factory from the very first day. A similar fate awaited the second truck purchased by Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks, and the company's team saw an interesting growth potential in other sectors. Thus, in 2001, it commenced provision of transportation services for farm products, which at present is the core business of the Company.

Observing the needs of the developing agricultural sector and in search for answers to customer questions, Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks began to offer some new related services, thereby gradually turning into a multi-sector undertaking and professional in their field of activity.

Over time, the company has grown, attracting young professionals to the staff. Most of them are working to this day - highly experienced, knowledgeable people who are always capable of solving issues brought by the most demanding customers. A team of professionals is one of the keys to success of Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks.

Today the company provides transport services of agricultural products in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and other European countries. Along with the expansion of its activities in Europe, the company in 2011 has registered another trademark - OtankiMill.
Flour mills carry out their operation and produce high-quality flour, groats and barley groats- these are products selected and recognized for excellence by the majority of the professional Latvian bakers. Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks also produces feed products.

Based on the needs and expectations of consumers, the company held a significant upgrading of the technical possibilities that continues to grow. To meet the customer needs in most dynamic and user-friendly solutions, Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks regularly modernizes the car fleet and established a repair shop, where cars are maintained in order to adapt to the specific condition of operation in the region.

Within the framework of the trends in the agricultural sector the company quickly realized the most advanced information technologies and technical solutions, investing in the development money received from the EU structural funds and private equity. In 2011, the company implemented a centralized management of business processes.

In 2012 Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks began offering services to agricultural contractors, addressing the needs of customers in the liquid and solid fertilizers, and the inclusion of their supply in the soil. As far back as in 2013 Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks received GMP + certified and ISO 9001, ISO 22000 certificate obtained in 2023. In 2016 the company began production of "Latkaļķis" lime . In 2017, a subsidiary Otanki Mill UAB was established, which offers its customers sugar beet harvesting, cleaning, loading, beet stack covering and logistics services. For more than 25 years Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks is in search of new solutions to satisfy its customer needs and preferences, thereby justifying the company motto: Wherever there is need, we are lending help!