Agricultural services

Manure management and handling: ensuring its removal and supply followed by spread or incorporation directly into the soil. We are the owners and developers of the trademark LATKAĻĶIS. More than 25 years of hands-on experience in agriculture has enabled us to study in depth urgent needs of our customers in order to to address them.

Customer benefits

• Services are performed accurately and in a timely manner, ensuring the maximal possible efficiency of plant development.
• In-depth introduction into the soil of liquid fertilizers increased oxygen readings.
• Effective use of liquid manure reduces the necessary amount and costs of the use of mineral fertilizers.
• Soil receives organic fertilizer, which significantly improves its structure.

Logistics, spread and incorporation of fertilizers into the soil

Liquid and solid fertilizers removal and transporting from farms and biogas plants, followed by their incorporation into soil. High-quality, large-scale fertilizer logistics, distribution and introduction into the soil for crops, grass, corn, vegetables. For transportation of liquid fertilizers are used tractors with pumps and tank trailers, SAMSON tractor trailer barrels, with all kinds of units for deep fertilization; innovative system of liquid manure spreading AGROMETER.

Sugar beet harvesting, cleaning, loading, sugar beet stack covering and logistics to the factory.

We work with sugar beet digger "Ropa Tiger", which has the most accurate sugar beet leaf cutting system "Mikrotoper". We also use a powerful handling machine - "Ropa Maus", which ensures efficient cleaning of beets. The digger is suitable for especially moist and heavy soils. Sugar beet harvesting is balanced with logistics. We offer an effective solution for high-quality long-term storage of sugar beet- covering of sugar beet stalks, which provides customers with lower losses of sugar beets.


Kaspars Mežbrakšis
Head of Agricultural Services Department

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Stasys Admikaitis
Sales Manager in Lithuania

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Ernestas Paulauskas
Transport Manager

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Bulk cargo transportation in Lithuania